Why You Can, and Should, Get a Lawyer For a Vehicle Accident

Dispelling common myths

We’ve heard from some of our clients that they were initially hesitant to contact a lawyer. Some of their concerns were misperceptions of the nature of lawsuits. Other concerns were based on what they thought was required to pursue a lawsuit based on how some law firms operate. We do things differently.

We at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC believe that every person who was injured because of someone else’s negligence deserves a competent and experienced lawyer who will fight for that person’s maximum recovery. And we built our firm to make sure that if you have a case, you get the lawyer you need and deserve.

MYTH #1 | You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

We hear this a lot. It’s amazing how many people who have valid claims and were injured because of someone else’s negligence simply walk away from their claim because they don’t think they can afford a lawyer.

At the Ellis Law Group, PLLC, we only handle cases on a contingency basis. This means that we do not get paid anything – and you don’t owe us anything – unless we get a recovery for you. We also advance all case expenses, and only recover those expenses out of the recovery if we win. If we lose, you don’t owe us anything.

MYTH #2 | You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Often after an accident or injury, the insurance company for the at-fault driver calls up the injured party and makes an offer to resolve the case quickly. It can sound like a lot of money, and you might want to take the offer and move on. DO NOT TAKE THAT OFFER.

Insurance companies have hundreds of staff and lawyers whose job is to reduce the amount of money they pay to injured parties as compensation. You need a lawyer to make sure you get the maximum recovery you can under the law. We at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC regularly recover 4, 5, 10, or even 100 times the insurance company’s initial offer to our clients after we get involved.

MYTH #3 | Your Insurance Rates Will Go Up If You File a Claim

Many drivers who were not at fault in the accident report that they are afraid that their insurance rates will go up if they file a claim and seek compensation for their injuries.

In Kentucky, KRS 304.20-045 provides that the insurance company may not increase your premium solely because you file a claim if the insured was not at fault nor contributorily negligent. For many claims, it would be illegal for the insurance company to raise your rates because you were the victim of an accident and properly seek your rights to compensation.

MYTH #4 | You Don’t Have Time to Handle a Lawsuit

Following an injury, our clients are often scared, stressed, and have been off work and lost wages. The last thing they think they have time for is a lawsuit.

At the Ellis Law Group, PLLC, we handle everything. Once we collect some basic information, we go out and collect the documents, speak to the relevant parties, and litigate your case. And when we do need something from you, we make sure you are prepared and confident to handle it.

MYTH #5 | You Think You’re Going to Get Better, So There’s No Reason to Call a Lawyer

Immediately following an accident, some of our clients report that they appeared to be getting better and having less pain before their symptoms reappeared. Because of this, they did not seek legal help following the accident.

Regardless of the severity of your symptoms, you should contact a lawyer and start the process for building your claim. If your symptoms remain limited and you make a full recovery, that is excellent, and your claim will necessarily be smaller. If, however, your symptoms get worse you could have a harder time bringing a lawsuit if you do not involve a lawyer from the beginning and get assistance with properly documenting and supporting your claims. Moreover, some injuries – such as injuries to your back and neck – may not be fully apparent for months after the initial accident.

MYTH #6 | The Accident Involved a Minor Accident, So You Can Not Bring a Claim

We hear from some clients that because the accident involved a low speed impact they do not think they have a case, even where they have new or more significant pains and symptoms following the accident in their neck, back, shoulders and other muscles and joints.

Low speed impact cases can result in serious and long term injuries. For some people, they are the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. For others, it can trigger a chain reaction of new and unexpected symptoms that could leave the injured parties in pain for years. We at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC have the experience to ensure you get the medical care you need to document these injuries and pursue your rightful recovery.

MYTH #7 | You Were a Driver or Passenger in Someone Else’s Car, and They Did Not Have Insurance

You cannot predict when you will get into an auto accident. In some cases, you may be either driving or riding in a car with someone who does not have insurance. Some of our clients have told us they thought that meant they did not have any insurance available.

Even if you are in someone else’s car, and that person does not have auto insurance or limited insurance, you may have insurance coverage and funds available to you to compensate you for injuries sustained in an auto accident, including underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage or other available recovery options under state law. The Ellis Law Group, PLLC can review the applicable insurance policies and make a demand on your behalf for all insurance monies you are entitled to obtain, both from your insurer and any other available coverage.

MYTH #8 | You Got a New Car and Have Not Yet Obtained Insurance, and Thus, Do Not Have Coverage

If you recently obtained a new car, and did not yet obtain insurance for the new vehicle, you may think you do not have insurance coverage available to you after you have been in an accident.

Even if you have not yet notified your insurer that you obtained a new vehicle, you may have insurance coverage under your insurance policy. Some policies provide for a specified period of time during which your new car is covered by your existing policy. Contact the Ellis Law Group, PLLC to determine if you have coverage to obtain compensation for your injuries.

MYTH #9 | You Don’t Remember What Happened, So You Can’t Bring a Claim

In some cases, the injuries occur so quickly and are so severe that our clients cannot remember what happened, whether in the form of an accident, negligent medical care, a defective product or a slip and fall or trip and fall case. Because of this, they do not think they can bring a claim.

We at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC work with experts who have training and expertise to reconstruct what likely happened based on the evidence available. Moreover, companies, law enforcement and emergency responders often have contemporaneous reports, photographs and other evidence that can aid in establishing what occurred. You need a lawyer to help gather this information and determine if you have a valid case, and if so to pursue that case on your behalf.