Product Liability

Product LiabilityProduct Liability

Every year, hundreds of thousands of products are recalled by companies who admit that the product they placed into the market was or could be defective.  The federal government requires companies to notify the government about a recall promptly upon learning about it.  Some do.  Others do not, and delay disclosing the defect until the evidence is so overwhelming it cannot be hidden any longer.  Over 10,000 people are injured and thousands are killed each year because of defective products, including everything from cars and vehicles, to lawnmowers, to industrial equipment, to the food we eat.   These injuries occur in homes, at work, and even while riding around in your vehicle. When you or someone you love is injured by a dangerous or defective product, you need an experienced product liability lawyer. We handle cases around the country, so no matter where you were injured, we can help. Why the defect occurred is different in each case.  In some cases, companies outsource critical component parts to foreign manufacturers who fail to incorporate the safety precautions that would be required if the parts were made in the United States.  In other cases, the product itself was designed poorly, and failed to account for known scientific and technical risks that exposed the user to unnecessary and dangerous conditions.  Some products are just made poorly, like lemon cars in the automobile context.  Some products might have been manufactured and designed right, but were damaged in transit.  And, in some cases, even if the product was designed and manufactured correctly, the company may have failed to provide adequate warnings and instructions to the user.  In every case, we at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC have the experience to investigate and work with leading experts around the country to find out what went wrong and who was responsible.  In almost all cases, you can trace the cause of the problem to a failure to follow basic industry standards and requirements. We at the Ellis Law Group, PLLC also have experience explaining the nature and severity of your injuries, to make sure that all of your injuries and damages are identified.  Product injuries can be severe.  Our clients have suffered amputations, debilitating spinal injuries and paralysis, and, in some cases, death.  Other cases involve catastrophic brain injuries, broken bones, or scars and disfigurement that can last a lifetime.

What Types of Product Liability Cases We Handle

We handle a wide variety of cases, including:
  • Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs and Defective Medical Devices
  • Defective Vehicles, including defective air bags, seat belts, tires, braking systems, and other issues
  • Defective Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment and tools used in the trade
  • Defective Toys and Children’s Clothing, which are often manufactured abroad with limited safety standards
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Defective Household Tools and Personal Products
  • Defective Appliances
  • Defective Farm Machinery and Equipment

What You Need to Prove

To win a product liability suit, you are going to have to prove the following:
  • The product represented an unreasonable risk of danger: The danger could be due to defective design, manufacturing error, failure to include necessary safety features, or a failure to warn the user about potential dangers.
  • The product defect caused your injuries: If the tire blew, for example, you need to show that the blown tire was the reason that you were involved in the crash.
  • You were damaged.  We tell your story about how the injury has affected you and the ones you care about most.

Who is Responsible

Under the law, the defendants could include the manufacturer, component part manufacture, subsidiary, seller, reseller, distributer, and any party involved in the maintenance or repair of the product to the extent it was done negligently. Who can bring a claim:  Anyone who is using the product may be able to bring a claim, along with their spouses and children who have suffered as a result of their injuries. Contact our firm or an experienced product liability lawyer immediately if you believe you have a potential case.  State laws could limit your time to file a claim for your injury.  For example, Kentucky law provides a one-year period from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit.  Because of the complex nature of these cases it takes time to investigate them and determine if you have a claim.

How Can We Help?

We help investigate the claim, work with you to make sure your injuries are diagnosed and treated appropriately, and fight for your right to obtain compensation from those responsible for your injuries.  We don’t get paid a penny unless we win, and we fight to win. Contact Us Today To Protect Your Rights.